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Dive into the future of alumni networking with our interactive Alumnyx demo. Explore firsthand the innovative features and intuitive design that set Alumnyx apart. For the most immersive experience, please Sign Up and Log In.

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Delve into our cutting-edge tools designed for seamless alumni engagement. From private social networks to real-time messaging, experience the best of Alumnyx. Dive in and discover what sets us apart. Sign up and experience all the features first hand.

  • Complete Social Network

    Alumnyx provides a complete, full-fledged closed group social network with the latest integrations.

  • Groups, Chapters & Causes

    Unite your alumni community through groups, and community donations for causes—all in one platform.

  • Events & Jobs

    Organize events with easy booking options and discover career opportunities through our specialized job portal.

This landing page will be completely customized for you

Logo, Domain, Colors, Content, Design

When you get your Alumnyx for your organization, our team will customize your landing page and system colors along with a logo customized and integrated for your brand.

Our Active Members

View our active members, we can also have featured alumni here. This is a dynamic section and is automatically populated from the network engine.

Community Awards

This is a demo award nomination to showcase internal awards such as alumni awards chapter awards for organization awards.

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Locate community members effortlessly with our advanced search feature. Filter across all fields to find alumni based on interests, professions, or locations.


Fully Functional Mobile App

Experience Alumnyx on the go with our Progressive Web App. Enjoy all desktop features in a mobile-friendly interface, accessible anytime, anywhere.

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Community blog posts & News

Community member can post an article on Alumnyx. Posted articles are reviewed by the admin before they are published. This allows the community engagement through thought leadership. Admins can also post news.